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Mitra Solusi Energi Berkelanjutan

EnerCoSS believes we will bring a number of key strengths to bear in conducting the assessment as follows:

  • We are very familiar with SNI/ISO 50002:2014 Energy audits — Requirements with guidance for use;
  • We have members of staff who are United Nation Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)’s trained experts and our founder is National Project Coordinator of Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) project in Indonesia;
  • Our team members are certified as Energy Auditor and Energy Assessor;
  • We have members of staff who have already conducted Energy Audit in Mining, Food & Beverage, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Heavy Industry;
  • We have members of staff who has a Master degree in turbine especially gas turbine.

EnerCoSS’s approach to providing a detail energy audit focuses on the identification of the potential for energy improvements, understanding the general processes that have major impact to Our client’s energy performance as well as financial performance.

We believe those attributes together with our working experiences, place us in a unique position to assist in this program.

EnerCoSS over the past 4 years has conducted several Energy Audits with significant energy performance achievements including:

  1. PT. Indominco Mandiri; Energy Audit Lv1
  2. PT. Frisian Flag Indonesia, Chiler, Compressor and Motor Audit;
  3. PT. Great Giant Pineapple, Boiler and Compressor Audit;
  4. PT. Pupuk Kaltim, Pump Audit;
  5. Premier Oil Natuna Sea BV, Technical Energy Audit Lv 2 FPSO dan Platform;
  6. PT. Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN),  Gas Engine dan Gas Turbine Compressor Audit;
  7. PT. Pertamina (PERSERO) MOR VI Balikpapan Depot Pengisian Pesawat Udara (DPPU) Supadio Pontianak, Energy Audit Lv1 Pump Operational System;
  8. Medco EP Offshore Belanak FPSO, Energy Audit Gas Turbine Generator dan Export Gas Compressor;
  9. PT. Givaudan Indonesia, Energy Audit Chiller Water System;
  10. PT. Finusolprima Farma Internasional (FIMA), Energy Audit Chiller System 
  11. PT. Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk. Divisi – Bogasari Flour Mills I Surabaya Energy Audit Level 1 Plus Proses Mill, Steam System, dan Compressed Air System
  12. Premier Oil Natuna Sea BV, Energy Audit Lv 1 Gas Turbin Compresor & Gas Turbin Generator – Anoa AGX, Gajah Baru dan FPSO;
  13. PT. Cirebon Electric Power, Energy Audit & Water Audit Lv 1 Plus, Supercritical Boiler, Turbin, Auxilary Power dan Bangunan Gedung
  14. PT. Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk. Citeureup Plan – Quality Assurance (QA) Energy Audit Kiln dan Motor Listrik
  15. PT. Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk. Tarjun Plan – Quality Assurance (QA) Energy Audit Kiln dan Motor Listrik
  16. PT. Indolakto Sukabumi – Energy Audit Level 1 Plus Boiler Steam System

Energy Audit Output:

"Energy consultants who can dependable, can always provide Solution. Energy audit is carried out by provide good feedback and provide improvement input impelementative."
Dido Aditya
Premier Oil Natuna Ltd

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