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Mitra Solusi Energi Berkelanjutan

Occupational Health&Safety

TRAINING “HOW TO EASILY MIGRATE TO K 3 MANAGEMENT SYSTEM BASED ON ISO 45001: 2018” (IN WORK SAFETY & HEALTH MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FRAMEWORK) Basically no one expects the occurrence of work accidents because it will cause harm both from the victim and the organization directly or indirectly.Many organizations, especially those engaged in the production sector,…
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Anti Bribery

“HOW TO PREVENT BRIBERY PRACTICES” (IN ANTI BRIBERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FRAMEWORK) The practice of bribery has caused serious social, moral, economic and political concerns, undermined good governance, hampered development and distorted competition. This practice erodes justice, undermines human rights, is an obstacle to poverty reduction, increases the cost of doing business, makes uncertainty into commercial…
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Business Continuty Management

“HOW TO MAINTAIN BUSINESS CONTINUATION” (IN THE BUSINESS CONTINUITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FRAMEWORK) Organizations in conducting business in an era full of uncertainty, on the one hand must ensure the business continues to grow and benefit, on the other hand there are many threats of unexpected disruptions that can destroy it. Even organizations often damage their…
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Asset Management

“AN EFFECTIVE OF ASSET MANAGEMENT IMPLEMENTATION” (IN ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FRAMEWORK) Every organization must have both tangible and intangible assets, assets must be managed effectively and efficiently so as to provide high benefits. Correct asset management can help an organization achieve its objectives and vice versa. Many organizations have benefited from the ISO 55001: 2014…
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