Category: Advance Technology

Mitra Solusi Energi Berkelanjutan

The Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Technology

Is named for its use of an organic, high molecular mass fluid with a liquid-vapor phase change, or boiling point, occurring at a lower temperature than the water-steam phase change. The fluid allows Rankine cycle heat recovery from lower temperature sources such as biomass combustion, industrial waste heat, geothermal heat, solar ponds, etc. The low-temperature heat is converted into useful work, that can itself…
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Trigeneration (Electricity, Steam, Chiller)

Tri-generation technology is a technology that can provide simultaneously three forms of output energy; electrical power, heating, and cooling. Trigeneration is also known as CHP (Combined Cooling, Heating and Power) or CHRP (Combined Heating, Refrigeration, and Power). In essence, trigeneration systems are CHP (Combined Heat and Power) or co-generation systems, integrated with a thermally driven…
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