ISO 50001 – Energy Management System

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ISO 50001 – Energy Management System

The ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard was firstly introduced in 2011. This standard help industries to develop their EnMS system to get energy saving in systematic and sustainable way. In August 2018, the ISO secretariat launch new ISO 50001:2018 to accommodate the High-Level Structure that been adopted by other International Standard.
The new ISO 50001 standard required stronger top management commitment and involvement in the EnMS implementation. The 10 clauses structure of new ISO 50001 required the consideration of organizational context and risk in the planning phase of EnMS.

The core activity of EnMS are remain the same in the 2011 and 2018 version. It should be started wih top management commitment indicated with signed energy policy and establishment of appropriate energy team.
The organization planning on EnMS should be started with energy review resulting the identified Significant Energy Users which should be the main focus area of the EnMS. The organization should identify the potential energy conservation opportunity and risk within the SEUs and propose action to response. The company should develop appropriate energy baseline (EnB) as the reference of energy performance. The Energy Performance Indicator (EnPI) should be selected as appropriate to the organization. The ISO 50006 can be suitable guidance for establishing EnB and EnPI. The planning phase should be wrapped up with a set of objective, target and action plan to improve energy performance or the company.
The implementation of EnMS shall included the identification and control of critical operational and maintenance parameter of the SEUs and the implementation of action plan. These shall be supported with appropriate procurement of energy and energy users considering the life cycle cost (LCC). Energy efficiency design and training are also part of the support needed in EnMS.
The monitoring and measurement should be appropriately planned including what data and how the data will be collected. The new standard required the data to be treated as documented information and should be analyzed and evaluated both on the EnMS performance and energy performance.
The continual improvement can be seen from the internal audit result, the achievement of objectives and target and the energy performance improvement which should be addressed by top management and energy team in the management review.

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