Anti Bribery

Mitra Solusi Energi Berkelanjutan

Anti Bribery


The practice of bribery has caused serious social, moral, economic and political concerns, undermined good governance, hampered development and distorted competition. This practice erodes justice, undermines human rights, is an obstacle to poverty reduction, increases the cost of doing business, makes uncertainty into commercial transactions, increases the cost of goods and services, reduces the quality of products and services, which can cause loss of life and property, destroying trust to institutions and disrupt fair and efficient market operations.

Laws and regulations relating to bribery have existed for a long time, namely Law No. 11 of 1980 but the law alone was not enough to solve this problem. Organizations have a responsibility to proactively contribute to fighting bribery. This can be achieved with an anti-bribery management system, through leadership commitment to building a culture of integrity, transparency, openness and compliance. The nature of organizational culture is very important for the success or failure of the anti-bribery management system.

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