ISO 50015 – Measurement and Verification (M&V) Energy Performance

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ISO 50015 – Measurement and Verification (M&V) Energy Performance

ISO 50015:2014 Measurement and verification of energy performance of organizations — General principles and guidance establishes general principles and guidelines for the process of measurement and verification (M&V) of the energy performance of an organization or its components. ISO 50015:2014 can be used independently, or in conjunction with other standards or protocols, and can be applied to all types of energy. The standard guided company to measures their energy performances as the whole EnMS scope as well as EPIA ( energy performance improvement actions).

The standard introduced the principals of measurement and verifications and how to plan M&V activity and what should be considered during planning the M&V. The plan should help teh company to identify what should be measured, how to measured and what are the equipment might be needed for the measurement. If the monitoring and measurement plan in the ISO 50001 also covered operational control, the plan in ISO 500015 more focus on action plan and energy performances. ISO 50015 provides guidance on how to implement the M&V plan , what should be aware of during conducting the M&V activity. Uncertainty is elaborated in the standard and M&V documentation is addressed in the standard.

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